What is Chacho's???

Chacho's is part fast food restaurant and part casual dining restaurant, with a very large variety of freshly prepared food using the best ingredients at low prices. 
Our food is prepared with care by knowledgeable food people who are paid higher wages than competive restaurants.  It is more Mom's home cooking than fancy gourmet cooking.  
We are self service.  When you come inside, you order from a cashier, take a number and then pick up your food within a few minutes.  In addition, our restaurants have two lane drive thru service which is unique for food quality at this level.  
Our prices are lower than other restaurants serving comparable quality meals.  This combination of high quality food, large portions, and low prices provides tremendous value. 
The atmosphere is casual and comfortable. We are a relaxed place where it feels good to just sit for a while. 
We are justly famous for our award winning, authentic margaritas with fresh lime juice & a generous amount of tequila.  We sell more frozen margaritas than almost any other restaurant.
We offer variety. Our menu is large enough that almost anyone can find items to enjoy.
We have a huge salsa bar with at least 10 types of fresh, homemade salsas.  Our high sales volume allows us to serve such a large variety of fresh salsas.
Since we serve food as good as the best Mexican restaurants on ceramic dishes, many of our customers eat with us instead of going to a full service Mexican restaurants.  
We are open 24 hours every day, all year long.  We serve our entire menu, including breakfast, all of the time,  We are extremely popular in the middle of the night. Come by at 3am and you will be surprised how many people are awake at this time.
Finally, good people work here who really care, and this may make the biggest difference between us and so many chain restaurants.